Volunteer Vaccination Management Made Easier

Districts considering bringing volunteers back into schools now have a vaccination management system to help manage compliance with immunization requirements.  

Volunteer Tracker (VT) tracks the collection of records for volunteers easily. VT simplifies how districts collect proof of vaccination from volunteers.   

An on-site volunteer who is likely to be physically in a school district building can submit a copy of their vaccination card with their online volunteer application in VT.   

  1. When a volunteer submits their online application, they see a screen with a message from the district regarding its vaccination requirement.

     VT vaccination 1
  2. Volunteer clicks a button and uploads a copy of their vaccination card. 

    VT vaccination 2
  3. The volunteer follows the steps on the subsequent screens.  


Administrators can filter volunteer records from within VT's central dashboard to show volunteers with specific types of training and review vaccination records. Multi-layer security keeps all data secure and accessible.  

Volunteers and volunteer programs can play a vital role in keeping schools and districts together during difficult times.  

Learn how to include and engage volunteers amidst changing protocols in the on-demand webinar, "Including Volunteers in the New School Environment." 

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To see how VT simplifies volunteer document management, schedule a 15-minute demonstration.