New Asset and Inventory Management Feature

Note: FacilityTracker is only available to current customers unless you purchase TransACT's TravelTracker-Routing software. Our new School Bus Fleet Maintenance Software is a custom TravelTracker-Routing add-on to help you manage all of your vehicle management needs. 

We are excited to announce the release of new features within the Facility Tracker for Asset and Inventory Management.

We continuously strive to meet the needs of our customers and understand that every school district is different. Whether inventory is tracked at individual schools or at a central location, the Facility Tracker is built with the flexibility to meet those needs.

The newly added features provide robust options to improve how districts manage assets and consumable inventory. Within our work order module, you will have the option to add these additional features:



Districts will now have the option to add barcodes to all equipment and inventory. Don’t have a barcode? The system can generate one for you! The addition of barcodes not only allows districts to easily organize inventory but also allows easy tracking. Scan inventory through the mobile application.



Looking for an easy way to identify equipment and inventory on work orders? Using barcodes, districts can easily add equipment and inventory to work orders. Giving you open visibility to where equipment is located and where consumable inventory is used.



Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, like adding an image to inventory or equipment. Adding images allows employees to reference the images to ensure they are using the correct items from inventory.

Ever wonder who is requesting large amounts of inventory? New search options allow administrators to easily filter through inventory requests.


Online Request Forms:

Remove the need for emails and paper requests! Our new Inventory Request Form brings everything together. The online form includes:

– Inventory Request #

– Date

– Requester

– Inventory Type 

– Inventory Item

– List of items selected for this request

– Quantity for each item

– Hour tracking to allow a person that is pulling the inventory to track their time for the request