App-Garden Releases Bluetooth Thermometers Integrated with Tablet Solution

The App-Garden, a cloud-based software provider for K-12 School districts is announcing the addition of a Bluetooth temperature screening module in Travel Tracker that addresses the concerns of students entering school buses or buildings and the ability to quickly screen for temperatures.

Schools nationwide are starting to return to the classroom, with many districts implementing wellness checks before students can get on the bus or enter the school building. Schools are also looking to parents to keep children home if they show any symptoms, but as an added precaution are asking screening questions and taking temperatures either at the school or before boarding the school bus.


The new App-Garden solution provides a tablet that is integrated with a Bluetooth touchless thermometer and integrates student data from the district’s student information system.  With our no contact Bluetooth Thermometers, drivers or aides can quickly scan student QR code, take student’s temperature, & log that data the Travel Tracker portal, all while integrating with the district’s Student Information System.


School bus drivers are relied on heavily within the school district. Between maintaining the daily route sheet, ensuring the correct students are picked up and that they arrive safely to school, drivers or driver aids are now required in some states to take the temperature of students boarding the bus and record this information. This task may seem quick and easy but could result in added time to the route. In response, the App-Garden has released the new temperature screening module to the Travel Tracker.


Tammy Cook, CEO of the App-Garden shares, “We wanted to make this additional task for drivers and staff as easy as possible. This is not just a solution for bus drivers, but for staff that are completing screenings in the car rider drop off as well. With the Bluetooth enabled thermometer and tablet, staff can easily scan a system generated QR code, take students temperature from a safe distance and the system does the rest.”

The system allows districts to set temperature thresholds. If a student’s temperature is above that threshold, the thermometer will display a red light and notify the system that the student will not be attending school that day. District staff also have the option to view and export daily individual temperature record data.

Kaila Ashley, Sales and Marketing Manager shares, “We continue to listen to our customers through these difficult times. Honestly, it seems that circumstances change day-to-day, but we continue to work and develop new features and technology to help schools navigate new requirements. Whether it is routing requirements or a new technology, we want to help schools.”