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Check out our new school bus routing software, EZRouting. It's everything you loved about TravelTracker-Routing and more!

Key Benefits

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Enable parents to easily update student information, reducing incoming calls and increasing accuracy.

Calendar Based Scheduling

Calendar Based Scheduling

Account for students who have different pickup and drop off locations throughout the week.

Auto Student Assignment

Auto Student Assignment

Assign one student or groups of students to their assigned bus stops in seconds!



Tablets allows administration to easily create new routes, while also offering features such as student check-in and check-out.

Integrated Tablets | Safe Driver 360


Tablets display the current location as well as upcoming turns for drivers.


Live turn-by-turn directions include a "read aloud" option to help keep drivers focused and ensure passenger safety.


Drivers can clock in and out using the tablet, capturing driver time.


Our tablet solution also tracks student ridership, enabling students to easily scan on and off the bus, and alerting drivers if students are at the wrong stop or boarding the wrong bus.

School Bus Fleet Maintenance Software: a custom add-on that includes automated forms for state reporting, vehicle preventive maintenance, work orders, and more.

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Case Study: How Caldwell Simplified Its Routing Process with TravelTracker

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Features Built to Help You Prepare and Give You Flexibility

Product Features

Schedule for Alternating Days

Schedule for

Alternating Days

TravelTracker-Routing allows school administration to plan for alternating schedules. Whether students are picked up from one location in the morning and have a different drop-off address for the afternoon, or districts decided to have students attend on alternating days, you will have the flexibility needed. 

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Consolidate Routes

On the Fly

Early morning bus break downs can cause delays in getting students to school on time. With the TravelTracker-Routing consolidation feature, administration can easily consolidate routes, and the system will automatically reroute the bus and provide details for student count and route duration. 

Consolidate Routes On the Fly
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Communication is Key

Communication is


Communication is key for school districts and parents. TravelTracker-Routing includes a parent portal feature, at no additional cost. This allows parents to view current bus schedules and stay in the loop as well. Additionally, school administration can send emails or text messages directly from the platform to notify of route changes or delays!

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Create Sandboxes

To Run

Test Scenarios

TravelTracker-Routing has a new sandbox feature that allows you to set up scenarios and work through the What-IF scenarios. If districts decide that social distancing is required, for example, you can have a scenario already set up and can make it your active scenario should your administrators decide that this is necessary. The sandbox feature will allow you to keep your current routes active, without making active changes.

Create Sandboxes To Run Test Scenarios
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Track Vehicles,

Mileage & Fuel Costs 

The School Bus Fleet Maintenance software add-on for TravelTracker-Routing allows districts to view their listed vehicles, print barcodes, add new vehicles, and see which mileage or runtimes have not been updated by a set interval. You can calculate fuel costs, adjust mileage, and view the vehicle’s barcode identifier for warranty purposes or tracking by clicking on a listed vehicle. Within your Vehicle Details, you can also view a comprehensive list of work order history for each vehicle.  


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What's in it for Transportation Directors?
Save Time / Money


  • Smart Search – Provides an intelligent search feature to locate almost anything desired relative to data entered, saving time and frustration in locating information.
  • Group Auto Scheduling –  Provides fast scheduling for groups to bus stops based on student needs and district policies.  Can pull all students in from Student Information data and create new routes – more efficient.  Example – 10 new kids come in, you can auto-schedule them all into existing routes and stops rather than 1 student at a time.
  • Auto Student Assignment-  Provides auto-assignment of students to stops based on district policies and other flexible criteria greatly speeding up the routing process   

Improved Safety

  • Road and Satellite Maps – Provides highway or satellite views on all maps.  Why is this important?  Satellite maps make it easy to see things such as a corner and where the students will have to walk to a stop – things such as building they have to pass etc.  So if you have to add a new stop, you can evaluate what is around.
  • Map Hazards –  Draw a hazard and/or turnaround locations on maps for all or specific bus routes & trips.  Example:  a construction project and the buses can’t go through that area for 2 months.  You can draw a hazard around that location and it re-routes all buses around the hazard.  Re-routes it automatically around the hazard.  Can enter a start and end date if you want and it will put the routes back after the date ends.

Simple Updates and Editing 

  • Weekly Base Map Updates –  No need to purchase map upgrades. Provides real-time changes to communities with weekly updates eliminates the need for purchasing map upgrades.
  • Extensive Batch Editing – Provides multiple batch editing options to instantly make desired changes to large groups of students. 

Better Decisions

  • Artificial Intelligence – More Efficient Routes: Work faster and more efficiently as the system figures out efficient routes taking many factors into consideration.
  • Document Records – Scan and attach documents to a student record such as discipline, health, IEPs, etc.
What's in it for the drivers?
Easy Visibility


  • Communication – Provide email or text notifications to drivers.  For example – route changes, new bus assignments, delays, and agendas. 
What's in it for the parents?
Parent Portal


  • Online Registration -Provides parent transportation registration online directly into the platform – no more paper registrations.  Easily handle parent requests for routing a new student or a change in routes.  No more incomplete or illegible forms
  • Parent Notifications – Easily notifying parents of schedule and route changes.  Provide notifications to parents individually and/or in groups via text and/or email anytime.  For example –  new bus assignments, regular agendas, delays and more.
  • Easy Access – Parents can view bus information and also request transportation needs specific to each student.


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