Travel Tracker- Routing: The Strongest Solution for Back to School

With a new school year underway, students are back on the school bus and in the classroom. As the pandemic continues, school bell schedules are staggered, school closures occur, and bus route planning fluctuates.  

Communication and information sharing with staff and parents alike on route assignments, late buses, and bus safety measures is key to making everything work. 

App-Garden's Travel Tracker routing software provides open visibility to transportation information across the district. Administrators can view routes and assignments, avoiding time spent sifting through driver reports over the radio about traffic jams or construction interruptions, while parents are notified of any delays in their student’s bus route as well. 

Intelligent, cloud-based routing software helps districts make better decisions and maneuver through the many challenges of today. 

  • Group Auto Scheduling – provides fast scheduling for groups to bus stops based on student needs and district policies 
  • Parent Notifications – emails and text messages go to parents when there are route changes, delays, or new bus assignments. Parent Portal allows parents to see their student's bus location in real-time.  
  • Artificial Intelligence – work faster and more efficiently as the system analyzes various factors to establish more efficient routes through machine learning 
  • Road and Satellite Maps – provides highway or satellite views on all maps so evaluating new stops is made easier 
  • Document Records – scan and attach documents to a student record such as discipline, health, IEPs, etc. 

Travel Tracker: Effective Route Management During the Pandemic
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District administrators are responding to the pandemic and changing circumstances with the resources available to them. Travel Tracker – Routing is one such resource, providing a modern system with the flexibility to promptly modify bus schedules, change routes or bus stops, and communicate with parents.  

Between the pandemic and the struggle of finding and keeping bus drivers, student transportation departments are having their adaptability tested in new and unexpected. Travel Tracker - Routing makes the inevitable change of back to school easier to handle because modern issues deserve modern solutions - watch an interactive demo today.