Travel Tracker Field Trip Management Software

Travel Tracker

Travel Tracker Field Trip Management Software

School Field Trip Management is Easy with the cloud based Travel Tracker Field Trip Software

Simplify and accelerate your school field trip planning process with the Travel Tracker field trip software. Travel Tracker’s web-based portal offers easy access – anytime, anywhere.

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Travel Tracker saves administrative time by eliminating much of the paperwork, phone calls, and emails required with field trip management. A single online form means it is simpler to propose and manage field trips.   Automated alerts and email notifications let teachers know the status of approvals.  Requests are automatically routed for approval.  The Travel Tracker field trip management software handles the entire process – from the initial request, through funding approvals, bus and driver scheduling, invoicing and reporting.

students on a field trip. Field trip softwareSchool districts have an opportunity to control the costs of school trips through the use of field trip software. Though certain costs such as admissions fees and transportation may be fixed, schools can significantly reduce the hidden costs by reducing the amount of time for school administrators to handle the trip requests. By automating the process of routing, tracking and reporting, school districts can cut the amount of time spent by teachers and administrators. They can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork, the
number of phone calls, and the volume of email.
Field trip management software such as the Travel Tracker can also ensure that all people who should be involved in the process are, in fact, included. For example, food service managers can be automatically notified of school trips and they can adjust their meal plans. Transportation managers can know well in advance of the precise requirements for buses and drivers.

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Mobile Interface

Simplify communications with your drivers by utilizing the mobile driver interface.  Take your field trip management software to the next level by allowing drivers to indicate which trips they are interested in driving, view assigned trips, update mileage and hours for their trips and view trip contact information and maps all from a web or mobile interface

field trip software mobile interface

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Discover the Rewards of Utilizing the Travel Tracker Field Trip Software

save time and money with the Travel Tracker field trip software

Save Time and Money

Reduce the number of phone calls between teachers, administrators and transportation by providing instant visibility throughout the process. Drastically reduce the amount of time to manage field and athletic trips

gain more control with the Travel Tracker field trip software

Gain More Control

Travel Tracker gives K12 administrators more control over school trips with comprehensive data collection and reporting.

improve safety with the Travel Tracker field trip software

Improve Safety

Access anytime, anywhere ensures that you always know who is traveling and where.  Access trip contact information from your phone in the event of an emergency.

keep everyone in the loop with the Travel Tracker field trip software

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Travel Tracker ensures that everyone involved in planning and approving school trips receives the information they need when they need it.  Bottlenecks, delays, and oversights that are common with paper processes are eliminated.

make better decisions with the Travel Tracker field trip software

Better Decisions

Principals can make better decisions when approving trips using the automatic trip cost estimator,  allowing them to evaluate the educational value of a trip versus the cost.

increase compliance with field trip software

Increase Compliance

Automatically generated board reports ensure that all trips requiring board approval go through the correct process. Notify school nurses when students with health concerns are traveling.

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