What will the Fall Look Like for Schools?

Updated on October 2, 2023. 

School districts nationwide are working on multiple plans with continued remote learning or flexible scheduling with students rotating what days they attend the classroom and when they will take online classes. Some districts are even working on alternating morning and afternoon attendance for students, with most districts referencing the recently released guidelines from the CDC.  Some of the big items for schools will be continuous disinfecting procedures, how to properly plan student occupation on buses, and plan out scheduling for transportation to and from school.
The question to ask is whether your current process (possibly a manual paper process or automation using an older software) can provide the flexibility needed considering the extent of changes and requirements coming this Fall.  You may want to move to an automated process or to update to a newer software to handle all of the uncertainty, but with so many software options how do you find the right fit for your district?
Our Routing software is a modern, easy-to-use platform built with the type of flexibility and visibility you will need for the new normal this Fall. Below are some of the features and benefits that tour software can provide to help your school adapt to the upcoming uncertainty and new ways of doing business:


TravelTracker-Routing Features


Calendar Based Scheduling

Save time – easily accommodate complex schedules such as a student who gets dropped or picked up at various stops on different days of the week.


Flexibility in Scheduling: Plan scenarios such as social distancing on the bus or students who may alternate days of the week.

Route Consolidation Deal with driver shortages.  We are hearing that there is the possibility of even greater driver shortages this fall.  Travel Tracker for Routing allows you to instantly combine multiple routes and spread the stops over other routes.
Parent Notifications Save time and keep everyone in the loop by easily notifying parents of schedule and route changes.  Provides notification to parents & drivers individually and/or in groups via text and/or email anytime.  For example – new bus assignments, regular agendas, delays and more.  This will be even more important with the constant changes coming this Fall.
Unlimited User License Open visibility without the extra cost – Provide access to those that need it within the district at no additional cost.  As changes may be constant, you can provide your school administrators access to view bus schedules, bus rosters for any given day.  This will be especially important if your district does a modified schedule.
Cloud-Based Easy Access from anywhere, anytime.  No servers to maintain, no in-house IT support required, updates to software are done by the App-Garden.  Access from your phone from anywhere you are working.

























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