How Facility Management Software Has Changed in the Last 30 Years

In the realm of technology, consumers eagerly await the latest and greatest version of our favorite products or devices. For example, oftentimes long lines are formed outside of electronic supplier storefronts as we excitedly await the newest release of our beloved iPhone with enhanced features. The 12-megapixel camera on the latest iPhone 11 looks pretty darn spectacular after all, and for many of us (raises hand) it was worth waiting in line for!

Technology evolvement and improvement certainly does not stop and end with cell phones. Consider televisions or computers. Even the long- lost VHS tape has moved to primary internet streaming devices so we can watch our favorite movies and TV shows, from anywhere on demand. Kind of crazy considering this evolution of movie viewing occurred in a span of 30 years or less!

This raises the question: how has Facilities Management software changed and improved in the last 30 years? Many of our customers have worked in the same school district close to that amount of time. Have we moved from a paper process to manage our facilities? Still, using the same clunky software from 15 years ago? Let’s look at some of the ways Facility Tracker, a software designed for Work Order Management and Facility Scheduling, improve upon products of the past. The best part is, no waiting in line.

Features that Improve the Facility Management Process


Ease of use!

Just because facilities management software has improved, doesn’t mean it’s become more difficult to use. Gone are the days of cumbersome processes for event requests and work orders. No more paper is needed as staff members can easily access requests forms right through the Facility Tracker portal. Other software’s have an overwhelming view? Too many fields to select? The Facility Tracker request form is simple, clean, and provides the information that is NEEDED to the recipient. This is a district-wide solution, truly accessible to all types of users!

Mobile Version!

We know that school Operations staff members are rarely sitting at a desk. Their job requires them to be mobile and move from various buildings throughout the district daily. Facility Tracker provides you with an amazingly effective way to manage work orders and events on the go with our mobile version! You can submit, approve, and even communicate via our built-in chat feature all from your preferred mobile device! Need to see the work being done? Photos and videos can be attached as well right from your tech’s cell phone camera. Communication regarding work orders is greatly enhanced!


Asset and Inventory Management!

Say goodbye to bulky spreadsheets and antiquated solutions to manage your assets. Through Facility Tracker’s Asset and Inventory Management feature, you’re able to easily request and track inventory with the click of a button. You can also look forward to cutting out those costly handheld scanning devices, as our mobile app has a built-in scanner that allows you to easily scan inventory items and equipment. Eliminating costly equipment while gaining increased functionality? A step in the right direction!


Preventative Maintenance & Lifecycle Calculator!

Have you found it difficult to manage preventative maintenance within your district? Or do routine tasks such as oil and filter changes get lost in the daily shuffle? Facility Tracker allows for a one-time setup of these tasks to reoccur at the desired frequency. You can truly set this up and forget about it!  Most of all, staying on top of these PM tasks and tracking expenses associated with equipment can provide substantial cost savings in the long run. Your Facility Tracker will also include a Lifecycle Calculator; an amazing tool that helps you plan your capital budget and prepare for potentially costly equipment replacements.

Facility Tracker provides you with an easy, effective, and evolved way of managing your facilities. Despite the advanced features within the product it remains incredibly user friendly, especially compared to your software and processes of the past. Overall, the products and methods we formerly relied on (paper, old systems, and spreadsheets) have improved dramatically. The best part is these features are here and available now! No waiting in line required.