Increase Volunteer Participation with App-Garden’s Volunteer Tracker

With shrinking budgets year over year, volunteers remain the life force for so many school districts to support a variety of school programs. Organizing volunteers and drumming up participation, however, can sometimes seem overwhelming for already understaffed districts. With significant experience in school district administration, App-Garden recognized an opportunity to provide districts nationwide with a simplified tool for tracking all volunteer needs.

Volunteer Tracker offers schools a single platform to track all stages of the volunteer process from collecting volunteer information to background checks and even offers reporting features to keep your district in compliance. You will spend less time organizing and more time executing enrichment programs in your school.

Here are just five of the many ways the Volunteer Tracker has revolutionized volunteer participation in school districts:


  1. Effortlessly build and track a database of active and available volunteers. Through the Volunteer Tracker, volunteers come to you! Each volunteer can apply through your specific portal, build a profile, and begin the background check process, if required. You will know where your volunteers are in the process at every stage and when approved or ready, the volunteers will automatically appear in your database.
  2. Easily match volunteers to school and activity needs. Looking for a volunteer to provide a library reading or someone with an active background check? You can filter the volunteers for your school by multiple fields including levels of clearance and areas of interest. This allows you to maximize volunteer participation by sending volunteers interest specific invites while maintaining compliance for the safety of your students by confirming the level of security clearance for the volunteers.
  3. Quickly notify volunteers of upcoming opportunities. Within the portal, you can enjoy App-Garden’s built-in templates for a variety of school activities, or customize your own. When you are ready, you can easily send all of the qualified or interested volunteers in your database an email notification that a volunteer opportunity is available. No more phone tag or email relays!
  4. Automate volunteer sign up and check-in. Volunteers are equally able to sign up for opportunities through your portal and you can also build the portal to allow volunteers to easily check-in and check-out when arriving at the school or activity. (Bonus: The check-in/check-out feature automatically tracks volunteer hours!)
  5. Increase compliance and volunteer utilization tracking. Even if your volunteers do not check-in or check-out, they can easily track their time in the portal providing you with more visibility on how important volunteers are for your school or organization. Plus, App-Garden’s Volunteer Tracker gives you reporting at your fingertips. You can easily provide the who, what, when, and where of your volunteer participation for any event or time period, such as your fiscal year.


The Volunteer Tracker offers so much more than these benefits and if you need a seamless, automated way to keep track of volunteers, this is the tool for you. Check it out for yourself by requesting a demo today!