Spreading Environmentally Friendly Values On Earth Day

Every April 22nd recognizes the birth of the 1970 environmental movement. The idea for this day was founded by Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson who realized the need for more environmentally friendly practices. Among many other harmful events, the previous year, 1969, there was a massive oil spill in California. Senator Nelson decided that something needed to be done to help protect our Earth! On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans, especially those in education, used this day to demonstrate their dedication to helping people understand how to be environmentally friendly.

How is Earth Day Celebrated?

Since then, Earth Day has become a widely celebrated holiday. Citizens now use this day to recognize what needs to be done to keep our Earth healthy. There are rallies for climate change, organized town clean-ups, tree planting, and much more! In schools, there are opportunities for children to go outside and explore nature to find out just why it is so important to keep our environment clean.

How are Volunteers Used?

Volunteers are utilized around the world for this event! Schools especially need volunteers to help spread strong sustainable values. Schools organize their own events for Earth Day such as clean-ups and tree planting. BUT, schools don’t just utilize volunteers for Earth Day. Schools also use volunteers to help build those sustainable values year-round. Some schools have volunteers help with garden projects their students have developed. Some establish their own trash pickup routines. Some even help with science experiments. There are even art projects created with recycled material!

How to Promote Environmentally Friendly Volunteer Practices:

Utilizing volunteers can be a paper intensive process due to the paperwork volunteers must fill out with a traditional educational volunteering system. The App-Garden’s paperless Volunteer Trackervolunteer management system promotes environmentally friendly and burden-less practices for your organization! We hope to be a part of coordinating volunteers for your next Earth Day with our environmentally friendly, cloud-based Volunteer Tracker.