Tips for Recruiting Volunteer Time

While schools continue to grow, school administrators are often constrained by tighter resources. Schools are expected to be higher performing despite the reduced budgets. With expanding demands and reductions in funding, many decisions are made that can impact a child’s learning experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Recruiting volunteer time can add to education programs and fill the gaps left by budget cuts . By developing a strong connection between a school and its community, you are not only creating a better bond, but developing a child’s education and a community’s values.

Who are Your Potential Volunteers?

Parents and Grandparents are the most obvious choice for volunteers. These volunteers often fall under the Baby Boomer category. Baby Boomers are always looking to stay active and pursue interests they have not otherwise had time to explore. Their higher education, early retirement, and healthy lifestyles make them great candidates for volunteering. By reaching out to your target volunteer group and effectively communicating opportunities, you will tap into the resources of a group who is motivated for the success of their child and school.

Establishing a Network

Creating a network of volunteers can build repeat helpers! When volunteers are recruited, helping in areas they’re passionate about, and treated with respect, you can build a network of volunteers who are motivated to return. When volunteers learn that they can help with opportunities they are interested in, it makes them feel as if their time is being utilized wisely and that they are contributing to a great cause.

Effectively Communicating Volunteering Opportunities

One of the most important aspects of retaining volunteers is effective communication. Providing an easy way for volunteers to access and track the available opportunities will make it easier to keep them coming back. Having a central location where volunteers can see their logged time, upcoming opportunities, and what they have signed up for allows for a nearly effortless process.

Of course, with all the obligations many school administrators face, keeping up with a volunteer program can prove to be difficult. Constantly having to update a website, go through applications and background check systems can be a hassle. The most ideal way to manage volunteers is through an online system that covers all these aspects while minimizing the administrative burden.

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