Why Volunteers Are Crucial to Athletic Programs | software for school administrators

In many schools, the success of their athletic programs depends largely on volunteers. In some schools where you see lacking athletic involvement, you also see struggling athletic programs. Many times school districts don’t allocate large sums of money for their athletic department. Instead, they often rely on the booster or athletic support clubs or programs. In some schools where you see the whole town support the athletic program, being a booster isn’t even a question. These spirit driven towns and their tradition of being involved in their athletic programs leaves no shortage of volunteers.

Unfortunately, not every school has this benefit. Some areas are simply not as involved as others for many reasons. Without volunteers and boosters for your school’s athletic programs, athletes may not be able to reach their full potential. Using a dilapidated gym or outdated equipment can cause injury and discourages athletes.  With the help of volunteers and booster clubs, your school can hold fundraising events and expand the budget for the athletic department, leading your athletes to greater success.

Booster clubs do a number of things when it comes to raising money in support of your school. From supporting the athletic goals to also supporting the educational goals of the school, the boosters spend a large part of their time fund raising for all school related athletic events. The funds raised by the boosters go towards gym/field beautification, updating both athletic equipment and uniforms, and supporting any other needs of the athletic program.

With a volunteer management program such as the Volunteer Tracker, this process can be streamlined and help your school district engage volunteers. The Volunteer Tracker gathers the interest areas of your volunteers and allows you to send emails to the volunteers based on those interest areas. This makes it so much easier to manage your volunteers and have their help when you really need them! Use the Volunteer Tracker to help your school district engage your volunteers and increase the amount of time your volunteers spend at your district!