The Best Option For Training Substitute Teachers | software for school administrators

Substitute teachers are vital to a school district’s operation. Whether big or small, a district relies on substitutes, sometimes from the very first day. We hear from districts all across the country that having a substitute teacher ready to go, fully trained and knowledgeable about the specific workings of the districts is of utmost importance. But what happens when someone misses a training session? Most districts tell us they either train in person as needed or ask the willing subs to wait. Both come with their own sets of complications. If you choose to train in person your already busy staff now has to take on more work, taking time out of their day to ensure the new substitute is caught up on all the district’s policies and procedures. If you ask the substitute to wait? You could potentially be letting go of a diligent, willing worker. So you ask yourself, what’s the best option for training substitute teachers?

Online substitute teacher training through App-Garden University is the best option for training substitute teachers. Sure you’ve heard of online training, but not like this. App-Garden University is a 24/7 accessible online course that allows for all your district’s specific information, the do’s and don’ts, ins and outs that make your district yours to be included in the training. The best part is it’s at no cost to your district. We’re told time and time again that districts are finding people willing to pay a small fee to go to work immediately are more likely to answer the call to come substitute when you need them most.

Enroll in the App-Garden University today to learn how online substitute teacher training can benefit your district by allowing potential substitutes to quickly train and be available to access substitute assignments.  Contact us today or request a demonstration!