Automated Driver Bidding Saves Time And Headaches - A Customer Testimonial From Transportation Director Marci Cox | software for school administrators

​The Travel Tracker can save you time and headaches with its automated driver bidding!

Marci Cox, transportation director at Hopkins County Schools KY, struggled with an inefficient and time consuming manual driver bidding process. The process was paper-based and cumbersome, taking a lot of time to manage. Many of the bus drivers did not appreciate having to attend multiple monthly meetings to receive their assignments. Worst of all, the disjointed process was slow to uncover problems, preventing Marci from truly planning ahead. The difficulty in properly planning with a paper process made being a Transportation Director stressful. According to Marci, the stress and time involved has been greatly reduced  when Marci’s district invested in the Travel Tracker by the App-Garden. Today, Marci can efficiently manage her travel requests in a timely manner and without all of the paperwork. The process of driver bidding and trip assignment has been reduced from days to hours and sometimes even minutes, making her work as a Transportation Director more streamlined and leaving her with more time to attend to other duties on the job.

 Check out Marci’s customer testimony video here!