The Benefits Of A Dynamic Volunteer Program From Multiple Perspectives | software for school administrators

The Volunteer Tracker can help you build a dynamic volunteer program!

Although school volunteer programs can be very diverse, each has a mixture of school staff, community volunteers, parents and students in the mix. It’s safe to say that each of these groups are very different, but each group benefits greatly from an efficient volunteer program at a school district.

First, the school district itself can benefit tremendously from a well-run and dynamic volunteer program. Volunteers many times can fill the gaps left by budget cuts in areas such as classroom assistants. One of the most beneficial aspects of a great volunteer program is the time the volunteers can take off of the teachers hands for tasks such as grading papers and individual tutoring, leaving more time for the teacher to focus on developing lessons and improving instructional time. Having volunteers in the classroom can allow for more instructional time for educators which can result in higher student achievement in the long run. When parents see their children excelling because of exceptional volunteers and increased learning time it may encourage them to volunteer as well!

Districts will also find having a large number of parents volunteering at their district will result in a team of people who understand the day to day issues that a district faces and will be more understanding of decisions and issues that arise. Having a team of volunteers that are outgoing and have outstanding drive can also improve community support and public relations for the district.

Secondly, volunteers themselves also benefit from a dynamic school volunteer program. As volunteers see their efforts make a lasting impact on not only the students, but on the community and school as well, they will be more likely to volunteer again and will gain a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that their efforts count. Quality volunteers love sharing their knowledge and talents with students and seeing the impact that they are making. Many volunteers have talents and expertise that they love to share with students and volunteering provides an outlet to use these talents – particularly with retirees that want to still stay involved and be able to utilize their skills. Volunteering also provides a means of feeling needed and wanted for many volunteers.

Lastly, students also benefit from an active volunteer program. Students are exposed to many different backgrounds and skills that volunteers can bring to both the classroom and special events and projects. They are given individual attention by volunteers that not only are positive role models, but also volunteers that care about their mentor-student relationship and helping the student excel. This learning reinforcement provided by the volunteer base is extremely helpful and can greatly influence the students’ academic interests and achievement. Students who need extra attention in the classroom in areas such as individual reading or math tutoring can benefit from the time a volunteer can spend that a classroom teacher can’t devote to an individual students.

One way to expand your volunteer program is to implement an excellent volunteer tracking software. With the Volunteer Tracker by the App-Garden, the process of volunteer approval and management is automated, making it easier to manage a large number of volunteers. We also make notifying volunteers easy and communicating with volunteers in areas that they are interested in an easy task! We would love to hold a demonstration session with you and show you how much volunteering means to not only the district, but the students, parents, and teachers as well.