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Practice Thankfulness

Practice ThankfulnessAny time during the year is a good time to thank your volunteers!  Volunteers are helping organizations achieve their mission and provide much-needed assistance to the organizations served.  More Americans than ever are volunteering,...

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Managing Your Facilities During COVID-19

Managing your Facilities During COVID-19Welcome to today’s version of the “new normal”! Tomorrow it may change. That is the current reality we all share…many things are unknown, and it can feel a little disconcerting. A couple of things to remember…we are all in this...

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Working From Home with Kids

Working From Home With Kids The current global situation has pushed many workers into the uncharted territory of working from home. Whether this was a request from an employer, state-mandated order, or due to a child remote learning from home, working from home can be...

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How to Avoid Post Holiday Chaos

It’s the day after the holiday break and you’ve logged onto your computer for the first time in two weeks, and the dread kicks in. You know what is about to happen, suddenly you begin to hear the ping of email after email flooding in, the anxiety hits and you’re...

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