App-Garden Adds Its Second Cloud-Based Solution in 30 Days - Travel Tracker - Routing Software

Continuing its portfolio expansion, the App-Garden has added a powerful new product to its cloud-based solutions for K12 administrators: Travel Tracker for Routes.

With Travel Tracker for Routes, administrators can easily plan, coordinate, and optimize bus routes and schedules from any WiFi capable device with a web browser. For convenience and ease, the online parent portal allows parents to register students for school transportation. Parents have the flexibility to provide the pick-up and drop-off address for their students, which do not have to be the same, and adjust when needed. This is particularly convenient for split custody households, or situations where students need to be dropped off with a different care provider in the afternoon to accommodate the parent’s work schedule. Plus, there’s no need to worry about incorrectly entered addresses with Travel Tracker for Routes address validation feature.

When a student is unrouted and has requested school transportation, Travel Tracker for Routes quickly identifies potential bus routes and even displays the duration change for adding any given stop to a route. Administrators can not only see the number of students already assigned to the bus route, but the interactive built-in map allows administrators to use the street view feature to confirm the address is an appropriate place for a stop – all without leaving the software. This allows administrators to prevent overcrowding on buses and ensure the safety of students at stop locations.


Once students are uploaded into Travel Tracker for Routes, administrators can easily locate students by name, school, and/or current grade. Need to assign one or more students to a new bus route? Administrators can adjust one student at a time or in groups and the interactive map gives administrators a visual overview of each route and allows them to make adjustments as needed to increase the efficiency of routes.


Among the many powerful features of Travel Tracker for Routes, administrators can quickly notify parents when bus routes change or schedules are impacted, permanently or temporarily. Is a flat tire delaying the morning bus route? Administrators can notify all parents via SMS and/or email in less than 5 minutes. Communication is not just for parents as administrators can also notify bus drivers when a stop is added or removed, or when a route change is implemented. SMS and email notifications quickly alert drivers to these changes. Administrators enjoy the confidence of knowing changes are implemented immediately, drivers are promptly informed, and student’s well-being is at the forefront of the administration’s mind.


Additionally, Travel Tracker for Routes auto-assign feature enables administrators to schedule and assign groups of students to appropriate routes in less than a minute.  The auto-assign feature will automatically route students, such as incoming kindergartners, to appropriate bus routes without the need for individual additions to a bus route while allowing the administrator to manually adjust whenever needed.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of using Travel Tracker for Routes. The new product serves as a testament to App-Garden’s breadth of experience in school administration. Give your students, parents, drivers, and administrators the optimal experience in planning school transportation with Travel Tracker for Routes. Accepting  demo requests now!