How our Field Trip Management Software “Fits The Need”


Our Field trip management software, The Travel Tracker, has made a big difference for Guilford County Schools!

The Travel Tracker is the best program for all Athletic and Field-Trip management. We recently spoke with the Transportation Director for Guilford County Schools, Jeff Harris, who has been using our software since March 2015. Their district serves over 70,000 students and manages over 600 buses. Jeff’s search began for a new method of organization after paper and spreadsheets began to prove inefficient. He says, “Documents were often lost or forgotten somewhere, and it became a big mess”. Weekends were his biggest challenge. When problems arose, he couldn’t help because he didn’t have his reservation book. Guilford County needed a program that could help diminish errors that commonly occur with paper processes. The Travel Tracker, “fit the need” they had for an effective, simple program.

When introduced to the Travel Tracker, he instantly knew it was the right fit for Guilford County Schools. Since then, Jeff says the Travel Tracker has made his job much easier with its user friendly, simple programming. The mobile app has quickly become one of Jeff’s favorite features of the Travel Tracker, allowing him to quickly pull up all field and athletic trip information when he is away from the office or during off hours.  Being able to approve field-trip requests with the click of a button rather than signing stacks of papers has saved him time and headaches and allows him to stay on top of pending travel requests.

Jeff loves the Travel Tracker, and “would recommend it to any school district” to improve efficiency and save time! Hear from Jeff in this short video testimony about the Travel Tracker.

Contact one of our sales representatives or visit our website today to learn more about how the Travel Tracker can make your field-trip management more efficient, just like it did for Guilford County!