Automated Field Trip Software helps Hopkins, KY in Managing Field Trips

Marci Cox, transportation director at Hopkins County Schools KY, struggled with an inefficient and time-consuming field trip process and manual driver bidding process. The process for managing field trips was paper-based and cumbersome, taking a lot of time to manage. When she got on board with our TravelTracker-Trips cloud solution for managing field trips, she knew she was in the right place. This automated system saves you both time and money by streamlining your overall process. Her process used to take several days and now takes only hours to complete. There are many ways an automated process can remove the stress and burden of other processes, and here’s why:

  1. 1. An automated process gives you an established and clear hierarchy. That’s right, this means no more running back and forth from office to office trying to get forms signed. Everything is in one place, online, and it’s all done with little to no hassle on your end!
  2. Keep tabs on your various processes! Unsure if a field trip request has been seen by central office? Look no further than within our Travel Tracker automated application! Within our application, you can clearly see the status and if certain things have been completed or are pending. No more hunting down that one person that hasn’t signed the form!
  3. Streamline your overall communication! With every process having its own line of communication within the application, you can reduce the amount of confusion from mass emails and notes. You’ll know who has done what and when, and what you need to do in order to complete the process, with no confusion!
  4. Enforcing accountability and maintaining workflow. An automated system gives you the ability to see your process transparently. This lets you know who is completing what task and how long it has taken them to complete it, leaving no room for procrastination!
  5. Minimize both time and money spent! A streamlined automated process cannot only cut your time from days to hours, but save you tremendous amounts of money as well. By having a streamlined process many human errors can be avoided. With these problems out of the way, you’re on your way to saving time and headaches!

Learn more about the TravelTracker-Trips and how managing field trips through an automated process can save you time and reduce headaches and stress in your job. Give one of our sales representatives a call to find out how powerful an automated process can be! Contact us or Request a demo today!