Why Holiday Break Is A Good Time For Reflection | software for school administrators

As an educator, many often look toward a Holiday break and Summer breaks as a period of relaxation. It’s a time to get away from your everyday routine to spend time with family and friends.  Nevertheless, you’ve done a lot of teaching and planning and have had an incredible impact on your students for the first half of the year.

Take this time to reflect on what you’ve taught, how you’ve taught, how you’ve made your planning more stress-free, and the impact you’ve had on those you educate. Look back on all of the changes you’ve made to your classroom schedules, field trip ideas, and teaching methods. Think of all the wonderful lessons you’ve taught your students, and the lessons they’ve taught you.

The Teaching Community mentions that “Reflection is something that an effective educator does instinctively for themselves…” and that each teacher has their own way to reflect on what they’ve done. Look back at what you’ve done with your classes and strive to do more. Glean over the test scores of your students and think about how you can make those that are struggling to succeed. Reflecting on all you’ve accomplished for the year during a holiday break will give you the confidence you need to get ready for the next semester.

Another way to give your mind a refresher is to try and take your mind off of everything you’ve done. Try disconnecting from your phone and email for a weekend; I know this may seem terrifying, but it’s worth it! Go outside and take a walk with family, friends, and even just by yourself. Just be sure to clear your mind and get some fresh air. This will not only make you happier but will better prepare you for all of the new things coming in the next year.

With both of these reflection and relaxation techniques, you’re going to rock your next semester.