Schools and districts across the country trust the App-Garden to power their field trips, bus routing, volunteer management, substitute teacher, and facility management.

We started using Travel Tracker in May 2018. The implementation process has been excellent. Sharon has been great throughout the process. She and the tech support have been available to walk us through any issues we have dealt with. The system is adaptable to the individual needs of our system. App Garden has done an excellent job of making adjustments for us. If you are looking for a system that will completely track your trips from start to finish in a timely and efficient manner, Travel Tracker will do that for you. If you’re worried about your budget, it is also very affordable. Our Central Office staff has been very pleased with the results so far.

Jack Jackson, Assistant Transportation Director

Talladega County School District, AL

We changed over to Facility Tracker this school year to track our bus maintenance.  This system is working great for our district.  From the time a driver makes a request, to it being assigned to a mechanic, parts taken out of inventory, and the driver being notified of the repair being completed.  I really appreciate the customer service provided.

Billy Huish, Transportation Supervisor

Farmington Municipal Schools, NM

Facility Tracker is proving its value to us every day we use it, the ability to have all needed information in one place including job notes, any associated costs, and all types of attachments in different formats. Being able to break different jobs out into tasks for different crew members to work on is a very helpful feature for scheduling. The ability to have attached forms for different types of requests, space breakdowns to provide any level of detail you want, a full history at the click of a button and the documentation of all conversations is very unique to Facility Tracker. All of this along with the incredible support team that you get with the App-Garden products make this a program that I feel lucky to have at my disposal. Thank You App-Garden & Facility Tracker.”

Judy Hake- Maintenance Director

Hamilton School District, MT

Davidson County Schools have been using Travel Tracker for 3 three years now. This program was exactly what we needed to track all of our field, athletic, and staff trips. The staff at App-Garden are absolutely amazing! Anita and Nancy are always ready to help solve any issues we have. They also try to accommodate any new ideas you have for the program. We have been very pleased with Travel Tracker.

Dawna Frank – Cost Clerk 
Davidson County School District, NC

Our experience with volunteer tracker has been very positive from the beginning. The education specialist spent several hours with us tailoring the application to our needs and training administrative staff. The volunteer tracker application has saved our school’s system hundreds of hours of input time and provided us with the faster turnaround on background checks. Having used a manual method for years, VT is a godsend. The support staff is wonderful and very accommodating in focusing on our specific needs. Previously, our communication with volunteers after they were approved was burdensome for individual school staff. With VT capabilities, it’s a breeze! We are able to use the skills of volunteers more fully. VT helps us to “get the word out” to our volunteers and the response has been great. On-going training for volunteer coordinators is a plus and volunteer tracker’s support staff is always ready to assist. Few questions arise that cannot be handled locally, but if needed, the volunteer service desk is a ready responder. If a question is asked, usually no more than 5 minutes goes by before I receive a response. Volunteer tracker has provided us with another “employee” in our department with the overall time saved!

Kathryn B.Human Resources Assistant
Granville County School District, NC



Facility Tracker helped RowanSalisbury save time, streamline processes, increase user adoption, and gain real-time insight into work order information.


Automating transportation and maintenance efforts enabled Farmington to provide better services to families in the district.

North Thurston School Districts benefited from using Travel Tracker to manage their driver bidding process

The Travel Tracker from The App-garden has virtually eliminated driver grievances, made the entire process easier and helps to keep drivers out of overtime pay


Travel Tracker

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Beaufort County Schools Transportation Director Jerry Wynne discusses how the Travel Tracker has saved time and made their processes much more efficient.

When minutes count

When emergency contact with bus drivers on a field trip is needed, the Travel Tracker provides instant access from anywhere to school field trip and athletic trip information.

Travel Tracker saves time for cost clerk
Save time and increase efficiency

Surry County Schools Transportation Director Rodney Hardy discusses how the Travel Tracker has saved time and made their processes much more efficient.

With you every step of the way

Hear how the travel tracker works through every step of the trip process – streamlining the entire process..

Why a Kentucky district selected Travel Tracker
Travel Tracker saves time for cost clerk
Travel Tracker saves time for small TN district

Lebanon Special Schools in Tennessee shares how the Travel Tracker has simplified their field trip and athletic trip management. No district is too small to benefit from the use of the Travel Tracker.

Volunteer Tracker

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Virtual Sub Training

Online substitute training helps school districts
Administrators appreciate the benefits

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