Travel Tracker saves time for small TN district

Lebanon Special Schools in Tennessee shares how the Travel Tracker has simplified their field trip and athletic trip management. They have about 3700 students and were using a paper process before the Travel Tracker. Find out more about how the Travel Tracker field trip software can simplify your transportation operations. No district is too small to benefit from the use of the Travel Tracker.

Hear how 3 different North Carolina districts have benefited from the use of the Travel Tracker!

Streamline the Process – Save Time

Beaufort County Schools Transportation Director Jerry Wynne discusses how the Travel Tracker has saved time and made their processes much more efficient.

Travel Tracker Saves Time for Cost Clerk

Teacher Friendly

Hear how the Travel Tracker is teacher friendly – providing an easy to use interface that teachers love. Teachers can track their field trips, print permission slips and gain directions to their destination from the Travel Tracker.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Handle Invoices with Ease

The Travel Tracker provides easy invoicing – from transportation, to bookkeepers and even through to finance. Track which invoices have been paid at the click of a button.

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Online Substitute Training Helps School Districts

Travel Tracker easy to use for school principal

The Travel Tracker saves time and eliminates the mounds of paperwork associated with field trip and athletic trip scheduling and invoicing. Hear how Surry County Schools in North Carolina has benefited from using the Travel Tracker.

When Minutes Count

When emergency contact with bus drivers on a field trip is needed, the Travel Tracker provides instant access from anywhere to school field trip and athletic trip information.

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With You every Step of the Way

Hear how the travel tracker works through every step of the trip process – streamlining the entire process.

Streamline Approvals

The Travel Tracker can streamline the approval process for your field and athletic trips. Include funding managers, board approval and special approvals as needed.

Bad Weather? Instant Access

WV District Uses Travel Tracker to Manage Staff Trips