Promoting School Safety in Volunteer Programs

To promote the best experience for volunteer work in schools, there are a variety of volunteering opportunities that need one-on-one, student-volunteer interaction. Volunteers among many schools can read to elementary level students, tutor one-on-one, chaperone fields trips, and participate in many other volunteering opportunities. Across the nation, one of the largest vulnerabilities to school safety and volunteer programs are predators. Most schools have extensive background checks in place for their volunteers. School districts are typically concerned with any red flags that may arise in the volunteer’s past that could effect their school safety. These red flags may be anything that makes them an inappropriate candidate to be in one-on-one volunteering opportunities with students.

With this type of close environment, administrators like Kathy Bradley of Granville County Schools, North Carolina, must be vigilant with their attention to who applies to their programs. Their district’s schools need to ensure that the applicants have the students best interest and safety in mind. With school safety breaches being a common concern, Bradley has made school safety the top of her priority list.

In October of 2017, Granville County Schools were monitoring their volunteer software as usual, when they received a volunteer application and background check confirmation with many red flags. Per their policy, Bradley gave the applicant a call. She allowed him to explain why he was applying to be a volunteer, and why there were red flags on his record. Even though the applicant assured her these were not an issue, she still felt it necessary to further her research. After calling the local elementary school, where the applicant also applied, Bradley realized they had been receiving conflicting information. Because they immediately saw these red flags, they were able to disqualify this applicant from their volunteer program.

How You can Utilize Volunteers While Promoting School Safety

Granville County Schools was able to promptly discover this information with help from The App-Garden’s innovative Volunteer Tracker.  The Volunteer Tracker is a comprehensive cloud-based volunteer management solution that reduces the administrative burden of managing volunteers while ensuring the most accurate and up to date information is available to everyone.  The Volunteer Tracker provides a real-time view to the application process for all users from volunteers to school administrators. Volunteers can check their application status and the school administrators, principals and volunteer coordinators always have access to instant and accurate information about their volunteer. The App-Garden’s sophisticated Volunteer Tracker can provide an essential step toward upgrading school safety.

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