Earth Day May Be Over, But School Beautification Shouldn't Be!

We each have a duty to keep up the appearance of not only our planet, but our school as well. School beautification is a wonderful way to keep our schools looking spectacular, getting rid of any litter, and involving the community within your school district.

It takes a lot of time and dedication in order to really make a vast impact on your school’s campus, so utilizing students and volunteers can help ensure the success of school beautification. If you want to really get a good understand of how much of an impact school beautification has, watch this short video. The school in the video is older (built in 1954). Many other schools in your area just like this one need some tender loving care in order to keep a school campus appealing and pleasant to staff and students! Without the help of the volunteers in your community, it would be almost impossible to keep your school clean and updated.

As a community, we can all work together to make the world a cleaner, better place for everyone. Even the smallest act of volunteer work can create a chain reaction throughout each community. Usually, when one person or group decides to make changes such as adding a recycling bin, starting an Earth care club and more, others will eventually follow.

All it really takes it takes to get your community or school involved in keeping your campus looking wonderful is making the first step and asking your school to hold a beautification day.  Invite volunteers, students, and parents to participate. Make the day a fun day and encourage a lot of participation.  As people start to notice the beautiful changes, hold a second day and invite the community to participate.

The success of projects such as a beautification day can depend on having a good way to easily invite volunteers to participate and to know which volunteers might be interested in such a project. The Volunteer Tracker by the App-Garden gathers the interest areas of volunteers and provides an easy way to publish an opportunity such as a Beautification Day and automatically invite volunteers to participate based on their interest areas.