grandparent volunteersGrandparent Volunteers are Amazing For School Districts

School districts are always in need of a variety of volunteers both young and old alike.  Grandparent volunteers are reliable, passionate and bring a love for learning to the classroom.  They can’t move through a school without attracting embraces, the way beloved relatives draw family members when entering a room.  They do a lot of talking and a lot more listening to kids who might not have a sympathetic adult ear at home.  Grandparents bring a one-on-one aspect to the classroom which can help students feel more supported. Grandparents tend to have a great impact on students, simply being there with students, answering questions, and monitoring behavior can greatly improve the overall attitude of the classroom. Grandparent volunteers can also help students that are learning to read by listening and reading with them. They can help with crafts and projects, and can teach younger children how to follow rules through playing games. They can also show students the importance of volunteering in the future.

A perfect example of grandparent volunteers is Spring Hill School in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The principal had her father, Daniel DeFosee, a retired teacher, come volunteer at her school. The children loved his presence, and he loved being able to interact with them. DeFosee recalls a time when he had a conversation with a child who constantly fell asleep in class. The child claimed his bedtime was 8pm, and after a series of questions, DeFosee discovered the problem and was able to provide helpful tips to the child on falling asleep earlier. To read more of this story, click here.

Not only do grandparent volunteers bring amazing benefits to the classroom, in return some grandparent volunteers could be eligible for financial compensation. The Federal Foster Grandparents Program provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for the dual purpose of engaging persons 60 or older with limited incomes in volunteer service to meet critical community needs and to provide a high-quality volunteer experience. DeFosee has been a recipient of this program in previous years. For putting in 15 hours a week of volunteer time, he received $2.65 per hour. That pay also covered the 20 hours of training he had to do.

For organizations needing volunteers, it is not always easy to find enough volunteers. It can also be a challenge to make sure that volunteers know what opportunities are available in areas they are interested in. That’s why The App-Garden created the Volunteer Tracker. An automated volunteer management system that makes the entire volunteer coordinating process easier. Acquire background checks, managing and approving volunteer hours, and entering volunteers is easy and convenient! Building a dynamic volunteer program is easy with the Volunteer Tracker. Contact us today for a free product demonstration!

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