Field Trip integration with GPSField trip integration with GPS

When it comes to planning field trips, athletic trips, and school bus routes, managing travel requests can become time consuming and costly. Kim Gates, the Cost Clerk for Lincoln County Schools, North Carolina, had been losing money on mileage and time spent keying in odometer readings. She was having to backtrack and figure out all of the unaccounted mileage, causing an unnecessary amount of stress in her workday. By adding the Travel Tracker Application and its GPS Interface to her toolkit, she is saving more time and working more efficiently! Thanks to the Travel Tracker’s field trip integration with GPS, districts no longer have to key in mileage because the Travel Tracker pulls in the mileage from the bus GPS. Additional stops on the day of the trip are no longer left unaccounted for and are now invoiced with the trip automatically. Kim also mentioned that being able to go in and print a report of trip mileage has been extremely useful, giving the ability to double check trip mileage where there are discrepancies. Overall the GPS interface makes her workday and the travel request process much more streamlined saving Kim time and also the drivers who no longer have to use pen and paper to track trip mileage.

To learn more about how the Travel Tracker field trip software can integrate with your GPS system, contact us for more information.

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