paper field trip requests
When it comes to paper field trip requests, we’ve all heard, “I could have sworn I sent that paper in to you!” or “I put it on your desk, I don’t know what happened to it!” With a paper process, field trip request forms float around offices within the school and the central office as well, making it very easy for forms to be misplaced. Transportation Director Randy Welch from Mabank ISD in Texas noticed this within his own school district and understood it to be a common problem. Randy was at the mercy of that piece of paper – not knowing when a trip would be taken until the paper request made it to his desk. With the Travel Tracker field trip management software, Randy was able to “empower” his fellow employees making them accountable and also giving them visibility into the process. The program “took off like wildfire” and its easy accessibility immediately made the travel request process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.
Removing the paper field trip requests means that everyone in the approval loop of the trip has visibility to the trip and it’s information.  No more waiting on a paper to arrive on your desk.  Transportation personnel will immediately know when a trip has been requested, rather than dealing with late or last minute paper trip requests.
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