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Employee Compliance Training

Online Compliance Training – Benefits Employees and Your District

Compliance training is an area that many school districts struggle with.  Ensuring that your employees are trained and knowledgeable on school policies, health and safety issues and other procedural rules and policies is critical to protecting your school district and your employees and students.  The App-Garden Compliance Training provides an easy way for school districts to provide customized training to their employees in a way that is convenient for employees yet easy for the school district to track who has trained and even more importantly – who has not!

Help Keep Pace with Change

Having a good compliance training program ensures that employees are trained to understand the expectations, standards and obligations toward the district and students.  School districts should provide yearly compliance training to ensure that employees have the latest information and are confident in performing their jobs.

Customized for Your District

he App-Garden understands that all school districts are not alike.  Our implementation team will work with you to customize areas such as safety procedures and school policies that are specific to your district.  You can provide videos from your school administrators and other custom content that we will build into YOUR course.  You no longer need to use generic content that doesn’t exactly fit your district’s needs.

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Discover the Rewards of Online Compliance Training

Ensure Standards and Uniformity

Compliance training ensures greater standardization and uniformity across your school district.


People learn at different paces.  Virtual training provides the perfect pace for everyone.  Users can take as much time as they need for each section and even go back and review sections as needed.


Your employees will love the fact that they can train anytime, anywhere – even from a mobile device.

Assess Understanding

Quizzes after each section ensure that employees understand the content and are not just checking off the boxes that they have read the material.

Consistent Content

Online Training ensures that your content is consistent and complete each time it is delivered.  Never again worry that important information might be missed in a training session.


Provide the documentation that you need to protect your school district.  Our virtual training provides you with reports on who has trained and who has not.

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