How to Avoid Post Holiday Chaos

It’s the day after the holiday break and you’ve logged onto your computer for the first time in two weeks, and the dread kicks in. You know what is about to happen, suddenly you begin to hear the ping of email after email flooding in, the anxiety hits and you’re second-guessing that vacation you just took. You couldn’t even enjoy your vacation because deep down you knew what was waiting for you, the endless supply of emails about unpaid invoices, event proposals, partially collected deposits, and misplaced checks.

Beginning a new semester can be stressful with new space rental proposals, deposits that were not submitted, or invoices that were misplaced.  No one enjoys returning from break knowing things were left unfinished. Sometimes there is the fear of taking a vacation because of the dread of returning to chaos, so you don’t. Sound familiar?


It’s difficult to enjoy the holiday season when there is a constant dread of work overload. A lot of people won’t even take vacation time because they know things will pile up if they are not taken care of. In 2015 fifty-five percent of Americans did not use their vacation time, and forty-one percent of those who did take vacations are not completely unplugged, checking their emails and still receiving phone calls (The Happiness Track, 2017). It’s hard to completely step away from work, especially when there is so much to do within a district and this can not only take a toll on your mental wellbeing, but this can also affect your work. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and suddenly you have the annual bake sale and the Boy Scout sleepover booked for the same day in the same room.


Take A Vacation!

We have a very unhealthy “vacation culture” in the United States. There are several health benefits that are associated with taking vacation time, proper vacation time. “People do better at work if they take time off, rest, refresh and get away from the daily grind” explains author Jeffery Pfeffer (Dying for a Paycheck, 2018). “Stress, we know, is bad for our health.” So why do we still put ourselves through this stress? Is it because we feel obligated to work no matter the situation, or is it because of disorganization? The scenarios start to pile up, what happens if someone forgets to send an invoice or someone doesn’t look at the calendar and see that the gymnasium is already booked for the boy scout sleepover?

What if there was a way to optimize your event scheduling or a way to have complete communication between everyone within maintenance and event planning? What if you can take that vacation and not worry about if invoices have been paid or if the custodial service knows how many tables and chairs are needed? This is where the App-Garden’s Facility Tracker will give you back your sanity.

The cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere there is internet access and you will remain completely up to date on all event proposals, scheduled events, and invoicing with our email notifications. You will finally be able to take a vacation knowing that our software is going to take care of your facility’s needs. The best part is, you do not have to be in the office or behind your desk for these things to happen when automating your process with Facility Tracker.

Our calendar-based scheduling allows you to not worry about double booking events or forgetting to collect the rental information for the bake sale in March. The Facility Tracker will track all of these and keep everyone required in the know. Do you still need to invoice for the Boy Scout sleepover in the gymnasium? With our billing and invoice module, you can send the invoice to the scout leader, accept a deposit, and receive the balance in through our in-app payment processor. The custodial staff will also be notified if they need any tables or chairs, and how many are required.


How App-Garden’s Facility Tracker Can Help!

With Facility Tracker finding invoices or billing information couldn’t be easier! The module has fantastic features like:

  1.     Assigning rental value with your Event Calendar.
  2.     Selecting items needed for a proposal to be sent to the requester.
  3.     Requesters can accept proposals digitally.
  4.     Add discounts when appropriate.
  5.     Adjusting the billing on items when needed.
  6.     Adding sales tax when appropriate.
  7.     Collect deposits through our payment processor.
  8.     Invoicing the FULL amount for the event.
  9.     Collecting payments via credit card and then being deposited into the appropriate account.
  10.   Uploading the log of all rentals to Excel or CSV files to have on file elsewhere when appropriate.


 NO more guessing if payments were processed.

NO more manual invoices or proposals.

NO more misplacing paper checks.


Learn how the Facility Tracker can benefit your school district by requesting a demo or reach out to us to request more information.



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