App-Garden Opens Its Virtual Sub Training to the Public; No Longer Only for School Districts

App-Garden’s Virtual Sub Training has revolutionized the way school districts onboard and trains substitutes. The convenience and ease of completing Substitute Orientation and Effective Substitute Training allow districts and administrators to maintain a healthy, rolling roster of readily available, qualified substitutes when the need arises. School districts no longer need to host on-site training sessions at dedicated intervals throughout the school year, straining budgets and resources. Instead, the App-Garden provides the district with a unique portal for substitute teacher candidates to access at their leisure to complete Substitute Orientation, Effective Substitute Training, and other custom training modules. Once completed, the school district is notified and can continue with the onboarding process immediately – no delay, no waiting period. Previously this access was only granted through school districts.


Now, candidates interested in substitute teaching can stand apart from others by completing two training courses prior to applying for openings in a local school district. With its Buy Now feature, the App-Garden’s Virtual Sub Training is publicly available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. An interested candidate can simply visit the App-Garden’s Virtual Sub Training Buy Now site and purchase access without being associated with a school district. For as low as $19 per learner, anyone wishing to complete the Substitute Orientation Training module can do so with the click of a button. For those interested in further enhancing their resume, the App-Garden also offers its Effective Substitute Teacher Training module for only $29 per learner. Combine the two modules for a discounted rate of $39 per learner and enjoy the confidence of knowing substitute teaching opportunities are one step closer.


Potential substitutes are not the only beneficiaries of the App-Garden’s new Buy Now. School districts will now have peace of mind when candidates who have completed one or both training modules apply for openings in their area. Backed by the quality and expertise for which the App-Garden is known, these candidates are in a position to be onboarded faster and require less training and orientation than those without the foundation of the App-Garden’s Virtual Sub Training.

The App-Garden is known for its cloud-based solutions for K12 administration and offers an impressive portfolio of tools aimed at streamlining the day-to-day operations of school districts. Request a demo today!