Don’t Leave the Bill on the Table - Know Who’s Paying Before You Go

Ask any teacher, administrator, or district manager and they will inevitably agree school trips cost money and can be a hassle. Often times, after a trip, teachers and schools are left scrambling to process invoices. Of course, App-Garden’s Travel Tracker was designed with school trips in mind and alleviates a significant portion of the hassle in planning off-campus activities, including funding! While Travel Tracker won’t pay for the field trip, it does come with funding approval options. Here’s how your school can use Travel Tracker to know who is paying the bill before heading off-campus for a school trip:


1. Get Travel Tracker. First things first, you will need App-Garden’s Travel Tracker. Request a demo to see how this cloud-based solution will make life easier when planning off-campus activities, such as field trips and athletic travels.


2. Customize Your Approval Chain. Once you have Travel Tracker set up and ready to go, customize your approval stream to include the directly responsible individuals or approvers for paying invoices, whether its transportation, admission fees, food, or otherwise. You can add as many approvers as you need to cover your bases.


3. Submit Trip Requests in Travel Tracker. When the time comes to plan a trip, your teachers or administrators will submit all the required information in Travel Tracker and the approval process will begin.


4. Track the Request Through Each Approval Stage. You will be able to track the request through each stage of the approval process. All approvers will receive a notification when approval is needed, including funding approvers or payers. Not only does this require the funding approver to take action on the field trip it also places the approver on notice of an expectation to pay.


5. Submit Invoices and Issue Reports. After your students have enjoyed the approved school activity and invoices are due, funding approvers or payers know which portion of the bill to pay and can even receive reports through Travel Tracker.

When planning off-campus school activities, there are many important concerns requiring attention. From student safety to volunteers and chaperones, teachers and administrators are primed for a day of student enrichment requiring heightened attention to detail. Funding the trip and processing invoices should not be one of those concerns. Instead, allow App-Garden’s Travel Tracker to manage funding approvals for you and breathe a little easier when the day is done.