Well-Trained Substitutes Mean Higher Expectations and Quality - Substitute Teacher Training

Think back to a day when you arrived at school to find your usual teacher was out sick and a substitute was present instead. What was your initial reaction? How did you view the substitute? Many students, then and now, view substitute teachers as only a seat filler and an indication of a free day in the class. Despite this common perception, should substitute teachers be held to the same high standards and expectations as full-time teachers? Unequivocally, yes.


With rising expectations for students, even the smallest amount of downtime or interruption to classroom education can be detrimental. This means substitute teachers are needed to easily step into the shoes of the usual teacher and maintain forward progress in the classroom regardless of how long they are needed. In addition to searching for substitutes with appealing qualifications, school districts can also implement substitute training in a virtual setting with App-Garden’s Virtual Sub Training.


Schools can customize the content of the virtual substitute training and tailor it to suit their needs. Having the training live in a virtual environment allows substitutes to access the training at a time convenient for their schedule and schools no longer need to allocate resources for dedicated training days or wait for long interim periods to bulk up substitute rosters, saving time and money for all involved. Substitutes are able to complete the training at their preferred pace and schools have the added visibility of completion and scoring for substitute training.

Well trained substitutes increase the quality of classroom experience and instruction for students by confidently engaging in classroom management with a full understanding of the school policies and procedures. In turn, schools are able to impart higher expectations on well trained substitutes. Enhance your students’ experience by raising your expectations of your substitutes. Contact App-Garden today for a demo of Virtual Sub Training and start building a list of high caliber substitutes.