Field Trips Made Easy: App-Garden’s Travel Tracker Reduces Paperwork, Headaches, and Stress

A quick, cursory Google search about the decline of field trips in today’s education system will return results pointing the blame in a number of directions. Two of these being the excessive paperwork involved and lack of extra time to devote to completing the paperwork. Depending on the school district, approval is often a lengthy chain involving a number of individuals, including:

  • Principal

  • Superintendent

  • Fiscal managers

  • Transportation directors

  • School nutritionist

  • Curriculum advisers

  • School board

  • School district

For many school districts, the entire planning process is done by paper, paper, and more paper.  The paperwork is shuffled around by hand or email and frustrations run high when it goes missing. Organization is key in successfully executing a field trip from start to finish, especially when folders filled with paper are passed from person to person. App-Garden recognized a need for a better, more efficient, and streamlined method for planning field trips to ensure the optimal education for students.

If you are considering planning a field trip, but find yourself hesitant because of the daunting stack of paperwork, encourage your school district to incorporate App-Garden’s Travel Tracker and eliminate the paper shuffle. Here’s how our Travel Tracker keeps you organized, reduces the workload, and streamlines the entire field trip process:


  1. Customization for your school district. We recognize each school district’s approval process is different and we work with you to customize the approval flow in Travel Tracker to ensure all boxes are checked quickly and effortlessly. Approvals are quickly routed by email with no need for paper hand-offs.
  2. Paper-free, Folder-free, Hassle-free. App-Garden will also assist you in creating a tailored online request form for teachers and coaches to use. When a field trip is prime for planning, the teacher or coach will simply complete the request form, click Submit, and off it goes in the approval process.
  3. Do More with Less Time. Travel Tracker keeps everyone who needs to know, in-the-know. Teachers, principals, and approvers alike can see where the field trip is in the planning process and quickly triage any hang-ups along the way. No more hunting down the last person rumored to have the paperwork.
  4. Scheduling Made Easy. Once the field trip is approved, you will need to arrange for transportation and sometimes meals. With Travel Tracker, you can even schedule the bus drivers for your field trip.
  5. Improved Fiscal Management. From invoicing to cost estimation, Travel Tracker keeps you within budget and aides you in making sound fiscal decisions. Sure, a trip to China to experience history firsthand sounds great, but does it fit within your fiscal year budget? Travel Tracker’s cost estimator can provide insight on whether China is feasible or maybe a short drive to the nearby museum exhibit would be a better choice. Plus, you can easily control the invoicing process as well and eliminate the headache of invoice tracking.
  6. After Action Reports are a Breeze. You planned the perfect field trip and your students enjoyed the hands-on learning experience. You are elated to have made such a positive impact and contribution to their educational experience. But, you are not thrilled about the report you will need to prepare and submit to the school administration. You guessed it – Travel Tracker handles this for you as well. Automatically generate the reports you need in Travel Tracker and go back to basking in the joy of your field trip success.
  7. Track the Field Trip in Real-Time. Travel Tracker is available on any device, mobile, laptop, or desktop, so you can keep track of who is traveling to where and at what time with quick, easy access emergency contact information if needed. In a world where safety comes first, Travel Tracker has your field trip covered.


App-Garden’s Travel Tracker not only keeps you organized, but also eliminates the paper shuffle and frustrations inherent in field trip planning. Revive the creativity and fascination for your students by planning a field trip using Travel Tracker today.

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