Community Service, With A Lesson Plan

Why Community Service Should Be Followed Up With a Lesson Plan

Community service has become a large part of our education system, especially in high schools. Educators recommend that students fill their resumes with as many community service activities as they can. In a New York Times article, Alina Tugend discovered that many times, the importance of community service can be overshadowed if there is no lesson to gain from it.

Students understand that they need to fit in a certain amount of community service involvements. However, they miss the overall point of being involved in the community. By creating a lesson plan around a service act, you present to students how important it is to be involved. Not only do you have to get the students involved, but you often must recruit volunteers to help. Picking volunteers who show no enthusiasm for community service can be detrimental to the lesson you are teaching the students. But, with The Volunteer Tracker by the App-Garden you can make sure you have the right volunteers for the job.

We make sure that volunteers interested in community service and enrichment can volunteer with students and programs that have similar goals. By knowing a volunteer’s unique interest, we can more readily help your school district place them. By doing so, a greater enthusiasm and passion is formed for community service among the students and volunteers. With the right volunteers, students won’t simply have a laundry list of community service, they will have a greater drive for involvement. All it takes is the right volunteers to promote the importance of serving their community.


Find out just how the Volunteer Tracker can help your district choose the right volunteers to boost your districts community involvement. Contact a sales representative or visit our website today for more information!