The Travel Tracker is Changing the Game for Field Trip Management

Our customers can tell you all about how the Travel Tracker has changed their field trip management process.

We recently spoke with John Seussman, Transportation Director for North Thurston Public Schools.  North Thurston has about 14,500 students and is located in the beautiful state of Washington. They made the choice to join the App-Garden team in June of 2016. As a result, on September 1st they had the Travel Tracker fully implemented.

One of the driving forces for selecting the Travel Tracker was the ability for drivers to electronically bid on trips. Therefore eliminating the weekly 2 hour meetings with drivers. John says that this feature has saved them hours of time. Drivers have greater visibility of their trips with automatic reminders and a mobile interface.

Another reason John loves the Travel Tracker is because it made billing simple, and increased the financial accountability for trips among their office employees. He says the Travel Tracker works fabulously and has made their district operation much more efficient as well as making his job more pleasurable.

Wouldn’t you like to learn more about how the Travel Tracker can change your field trip management like it has for North Thurston? Head on over to the Travel Tracker website or contact one of our sales representatives today!

Check out what else John Suessman had to say in his Testimonial video!