5 Different Ways You Can Volunteer at Your Local Schools

Volunteering is a fun, simple way to get involved within the community. When you volunteer at your local schools it can also be a great help to the school and district who may be struggling with budget cuts. Whether you volunteer regularly or just as needed, the impact can be huge to a school. Now that you know you want to volunteer, the question is… What can I do to help? There are many different areas in which to get involved but here are 5 unique ideas for volunteering at your school:

1. Host a school supplies drive

Hosting a supplies drive in your community is a great way to gather things such as extra pencils, bookbags, chalk, etc. Not only does it help the teachers gather supplies for their classrooms, it also helps students who aren’t able to afford all the things they may need. This reduces the need for teachers to send home letters asking for donations, and inspires other people in the community to help instead of just the parents. It can also be a great way to recruit more volunteers!

2. Have regular School Beautification Days

Many schools don’t have the budget for extra landscaping and adding those nice touches that make a space feel special and welcoming. Think about getting a group of parents, students, and community members to help with things such as planting flowers, picking up trash, organizing supplies areas, etc. These simple things can really add value and curb appeal to any school. Having students help can also be an opportunity for teachers to turn their projects into a lesson. For example, science classes can help plant flowers while learning about photosynthesis. Students, parents and staff will also feel a sense of pride in their school when things are neat and welcoming.

3. Become a reading buddy or a tutor

When you volunteer at your local schools to read, students benefit greatly. Younger classrooms often have reading times or days where students can either pick a book to read or the teacher will read a book to the class. Volunteering to read can provide the teacher time to catch up on work or to focus in other areas. Reading to students is also a way to connect and get to know individual students and can make the students feel special. Tutoring is another way to help students of all ages. Many classroom sizes are gradually increasing in numbers, giving students less one-on-one time with the teacher. By becoming a tutor, you are helping students succeed and focus in areas where they need additional attention.

4. Host a school wide career day

Career days are a fun way to give students a break from normal classwork. Invite the parents, school staff and members of the community to come speak to the students about what they do in their jobs. You will most likely find a great variety of skills and jobs that can be shared with students and provides a great way for parents and the community to connect with students and learn about jobs that they may not have known much about.

5. Become a volunteer coordinator

Although some schools have volunteer coordinators as a paid position, many others place the task on current faculty or parents. Volunteering to coordinate volunteers is a really easy way to lessen the burden on the staff and get more volunteers engaged within the school.

Volunteer at your local schools and make a difference! Volunteering is a great service to schools and the community.