Virtual Substitute Training Keeps Your Content Consistent

Content consistency for substitute teacher training can be challenging for district level HR Departments. In most districts, substitute teacher training is a team effort, involving directors and other personnel from various departments within the district.  In order to reduce liability for your district, it is very important that the content for your training be as consistent as possible and to ensure that no important details are missed. This can be very difficult when multiple presenters are responsible for content and the training is done multiple times each year.  Accidentally missing something important with one group of substitutes can expose your district to a liability and can increase your workload if you have to update the substitutes after a training session.

The Virtual Substitute Training Automated System by the App-Garden guarantees that consistency is never an issue because the online content is reviewed and finalized and ensures that all substitute teachers receive the exact same information.  This also eliminates the need to have multiple members of staff working extra hours in order to train substitutes, saving your district both time and money. Our substitute teacher training process allows you to customize your course to include the content that you need your substitutes to know. We understand that not all districts operate in the same manner and therefore your orientation course for substitutes should be very specific to your district.   Examples of this are things like your emergency lock down procedures, how school nurses work in your district and human resource policies.  If you are considering automating this process with an online course, don’t settle for a “cookie cutter” course that doesn’t reflect your district’s needs.