Keys To Classroom Excellence for substitute teachers

Within the classroom, there are many ways to ensure overall classroom excellence. Ensuring that substitute teachers who may not have extensive classroom experience understand these concepts is key to their classroom excellence. Our online substitute teacher training can prepare your substitute teachers to be more effective in the classroom. Here are a few tips from the App-Garden:
Six keys to classroom excellence:

  1. Interest and Explanation: When a student’s interest is peaked, whether it is academic or a hobby, they enjoy working hard at it. It makes sense to them and they will want to work harder if they enjoy what they’re doing.
  2. Concern and Respect for Students: Good teaching has everything to do with benevolence and humility. Make sure your classroom is a fair and safe learning space.
  3. Appropriate Assessment and Feedback: Use a variety of assessment techniques and allow students to demonstrate their mastery in different ways. Not every student learns in the same manner. Make sure all of your assessments have ways for multiple learning styles to succeed.
  4. Clear Goals and Intellectual Challenge: Students should know up front what they will learn and what they will be expected to do with what they know.
  5. Independence, Control, and Active Engagement: Good teaching fosters a sense of student control over learning and interest in the subject matter.
  6. Learning from Students: Effective teaching refuses to take its effect on students for granted and always vows to learn from their students as well.

Now that you’ve seen six keys to classroom excellence, check out our Virtual Substitute Training program and set up a product demonstration with our sales representative today to provide an easy and cost effective training program for your substitute teachers. Watch this video to see how the App-Garden has helped Chatham County Schools.