School Beautification Benefits Students - Volunteer at your school

Would you believe it if I told you just by planning one school beautification day, the morale of the students would increase? That the school days after beautification would flow smoother and be filled with more energy? That your students would have higher levels of school pride?

It’s that simple. School beautification is a great way to do all of those things and more, bringing schools and communities together. It’s a way to create and preserve both beautiful and healthy environments where learning and camaraderie is enhanced. To put it simply, think of a student walking in on their first day of school. They are dropped off by bus or car and see the main entrance of the school building. Upon their arrival they notice a dreary, un-kept main entrance. How do you think seeing this affects them?

But what if they came in and saw a beautiful, clean, and well-kept entrance? How would they feel then? Beautiful landscaping and clean facilities push students in the right direction by giving them a wonderful space to work and grow in. They come into school knowing that they’re worth something because someone took the time to take care of a place they call home for eight or more hours of the day.

Along with encouraging students to be more involved in their school day, beautification teaches students how to be more respectful of the environment and to clean up after themselves. As the community sees how well treated their nearby school is, a sense of pride will begin to consume the community. You may see an increase in event and fundraiser attendance all because of the community and their drive to keep up the school’s appearance.

In my own experience, parents and members of the community would often rally around my school in times of school beautification by donating to fundraisers and volunteering themselves. More often than not, you can find a volunteer opportunity at your local school for either weekend or after-school beautification. And remember, school beautification doesn’t mean just the outside of the school. The inside of the school needs care as well. The NEA has an article discussing many ways to keep your school clean and students happy!