Volunteer Management System Saves Time | software for school administrators

Granville County Schools, NC manages over 2000 volunteers.  The volunteer management process can be time consuming and and stressful to ensure that all volunteers are background checked in a timely  manner and that everyone in the loop is notified as volunteers are approved.  Giving the school volunteer coordinators access to their volunteers means that they can easily send emails to the volunteers based on their interest areas and availability.
Kathy Bradley at Granville County Schools has indicated that the Volunteer Tracker has helped their district save time and better engage their volunteers:
“Our experience with volunteer tracker has been very positive from the beginning. The education specialist spent several hours with us tailoring the application to our needs and training administrative staff. The volunteer tracker application has saved our school’s system hundreds of hours of input time and provided us with the faster turnaround on background checks. Having used a manual method for years, VT is a godsend. The support staff is wonderful and very accommodating in focusing on our specific needs. Previously, our communication with volunteers after they were approved was burdensome for individual school staff. With VT capabilities, it’s a breeze! We are able to use the skills of volunteers more fully. VT helps us to “get the word out” to our volunteers and the response has been great. On-going training for volunteer coordinators is a plus and volunteer tracker’s support staff is always ready to assist. Few questions arise that cannot be handled locally, but if needed, the volunteer service desk is a ready responder. If a question is asked, usually no more than 5 minutes goes by before I receive a response. Volunteer tracker has provided us with another “employee” in our department with the overall time saved!”
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