User Friendly Software for K12 – For Real People, With Real Needs

At the App-Garden our well equipped support team is always ready to answer any inquiries you or your school district may have. We have a support team available by phone, email, and even live chat!  Our user friendly software for K12 administrators gets rave reviews.  Soraya Wright, the Volunteer Coordinator for Wilson County Schools mentions that our “customer service is professional, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. When calling for assistance, nine out of ten times, someone answers immediately. If I have to leave a voice message or send an email, the turn-around time is just as quick. They are wonderful about listening to my requests or concerns and trying to implement my suggestions in order to improve/facilitate the process for me.” By making the support process quick and painless, we are able to provide you with more time to use our applications and less problems along the way!
The App-Garden K12 Cloud Solutions provide easy to use software with great support.  What makes our support wonderful and that consistently gets awesome ratings over 98% of the time?
1.  Friendly and customer oriented support staff.
2.  Easy to use chat capabilities for instant access to support staff
3.  In-house support team that understands the software and our users
4. We survey every support ticket and refine any issues that arise
5. We listen to our customers.  Suggestions for software improvement are evaluated and implemented if our team feels that it helps our customers.
Learn more about the  user friendly software for K12 administrators, check out the  Home - App-Garden or request a demo today.