5 Reasons To Become A Part-Time Substitute Teacher | software for school administrators

Why is being a part-time substitute teacher one of the most enriching and rewarding part time jobs? Being a part-time substitute teacher gives you both a rewarding way to earn money as well as an amazing sense of giving back to the community. Typically, to substitute teach for a school or district, you will need to complete the district substitute teacher training and have the desire to teach today’s children in the absence of their regular teachers.

Here are some great reasons to consider substitute teaching:

  1. Earn a steady flow of income. Many districts need a great number of subs in order to cover teachers that are absent or in staff development training.
  2. Flexible Hours. You can take the substitute jobs that fit your schedule.
  3. Meet new people! From teachers to school volunteers to wonderful students, you’re sure to encounter a lot of great and interesting people.
  4. Get an inside look at what the education system really looks like. We often hear about what schools in various districts are doing. Being inside the school system gives you a more in-touch view of school needs and how schools operate.
  5. Each day is different. Each day you’re likely to be working with a different group of students and different age group.
  6. Check with your local school district to find out their requirements for a part-time substitute teacher and start substitute teaching today!

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