Short on Bus Drivers | App-Garden | Travel Tracker

More often than not, a shortage of bus drivers is an ongoing concern for Transportation Departments. When districts are short on bus drivers, transportation directors may have to put in additional hours which can add to their stress. Having to search for and communicate with  drivers for field trips takes up much needed time that can be used for other tasks.

Last August, many parts of Florida were desperate for drivers. One county had a week to find 100 drivers before school started back up. This is not only hectic, but can also cause a whole slew of problems.

How are the students getting to school? How are the athletes going to away games? How are field trips taking place? These are all good questions, but getting the answer was way harder than it needed to be.

With the Travel Tracker solution, you no longer need to call drivers to check their availability to drive for field trips. An electronic bidding / trip selection process can allow drivers to sign up for trips from their phone or computer.  The need for long meetings to assign drivers will go away, giving your district’s transportation director more time to secure bus drivers and less time planning trip bidding meetings.

Make sure that you have a program that keeps you as stress free as possible, so that when a driver shortage hits, your process will be as easy as possible and will free up much needed time to focus on the tasks that need your attention the most.

The Travel Tracker is a cloud based solution for your trip management needs. The Travel Tracker field trip management software handles the entire process; from the initial request, through funding approvals, bus and driver scheduling, invoicing and reporting. Get in touch with a sales representative today to set up a demonstration for you and your district!