Volunteering Starts At Home

Volunteering starts at home as you get involved in your own child’s classroom.  Fitting volunteer opportunities into an already busy schedule can be challenging; however, it is always a great way to be a part of your child’s educational experience. This gives each of you a familiarity to the school setting, making you and your children more comfortable.

The first step to being a successful volunteer is to make sure you are already involved with your child and the learning tools they need to be engaged in the classroom. Excite your children about school and give the expectation that both school and home are places to learn and discover new things. Help your children explore topics that may be related to classroom subjects and find ways to go more in depth or give them more examples. It is extremely important for parents to be the driving force of their kids’ education, and starting this at an early age is the best way to make sure your child will be both engaged and excited about school.

By doing this, you’re not only instilling in them an eagerness for school, but you’re also showing them how proud you are of them. Volunteering is a great way to enhance their school day! Reading to students, substituting, and just coming in to help teachers sets up your child to be more successful. Teachers are most always appreciative of extra help and your child will be glad to know that you are helping their education thrive. Making yourself visible lets your child know the importance of education. If you can’t do it during the school day, after-school volunteering options are most always available!

So, get excited about volunteering! You owe it not only to your children and yourself, but also to your child’s future and the passion they have for learning!