Why Baby Boomers Are Potentially Great Volunteers! Match Volunteers to Interest Areas

Match Volunteers to Interest Areas

Baby Boomers make great volunteers for your school district for many reasons, particularly when you can match volunteers to interest areas.

The generation known as the Baby Boomers are more likely to retire earlier, stay healthier, be more physically active, and live longer than any previous generation. They are expected to have greater wealth and more spending capabilities than any other generation before them. Many baby boomers have a higher education and are more independent than previous generations.

Boomers have skill sets and interests that are very valuable when it comes to volunteering. They can provide a great variety of skills and backgrounds to their volunteering experience that you will not want to miss. They actively seek out volunteer opportunities to remain active, use their skills, and expand their interests. They know when they’ve found a good fit that balances both the needs of the school and their interests. More often than not Boomers are interested in the results of their volunteer time and will keep up with future opportunities. For them, it is satisfying to see what their work does for others.

Boomers are many times very confident in what they want to do. They are more technology driven and need a quick way to accept or decline opportunities. In order to keep them active and engaged, make sure that you have an application that lets them choose volunteer opportunities based on their skills and interest areas and that sends reminders when other opportunities becomes available.

The Volunteer Tracker volunteer management software allows volunteers to indicate their interest areas and makes it easy for the district to send emails or opportunities to volunteers based on those interests.  Keep your volunteers engaged and be sure that you are utilizing the wonderful experiences and skill sets of the Baby Boomer generation.

Learn more about how the Volunteer Tracker can help your school district match the volunteers to interest areas through automatic matching of volunteer interest areas.  Request a demo today or contact us for more information.