Make Your Field Trip Driver Bidding / Selection Process Drama Free! | software for school administrators

Every other Friday, Marci Cox, transportation director at Hopkins County Schools, KY, had to conduct a field trip driver bidding and trip selection meeting. These meetings lasted for two to three hours on average and were dreadful to sit through, not only for the drivers, but also for the transportation staff. The meetings could sometimes be chaotic and lengthy, wasting time that could have been used for other tasks and often created an atmosphere of drama as driver selections were made one by one, trips were made available by seniority and bidding preference. After the Friday meetings, Marci spent two to three days assigning drivers to trips and sorting through the timely bidding process. Since implementing the  Travel Tracker field trip software, she has been able to eliminate those meetings, creating a more streamlined bidding process. Drivers are able to electronically indicate trips they are interested in by order of preference and can see the trips available with the online calendar feature. Thanks to the Travel Tracker field trip software, Marci noticed that more people participate in driving for trips because they don’t have to sit through trip selection meetings and feel that the process is more transparent and fair to the drivers.