Why Track Volunteer Time? | software for school administrators

Tracking Volunteer Time can help Motivate Volunteers Through Recognition!

Volunteers appreciate appreciation.  We count what we value, so tracking is recognition that volunteer time is important.  Recognition is a good investment; it pays off spectacularly by encouraging volunteers to continue to invest their time.

In addition to encouraging the volunteers, tracking volunteer time can also help in securing funding.  “Funders and donors see volunteer inputs as a measure of effectiveness”, says Donna Newton, director of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, a network of 140 community-based nonprofits in Guilford County, North Carolina.  “Reporting volunteer contributions is essential in securing funding”.  Tracking and reporting volunteer time can help you meet requirements for matching funds such as grants.

How can we easily document volunteer time?

One of the best ways to ensure that volunteer effort doesn’t go unrecognized is to record donated service at the time it is performed.  By doing so you capture volunteer contributions and lessen the likelihood that volunteer efforts go unnoticed.  In addition, you may be better able to budget paid staffing and service outsourcing needs with the aid of such summarized information.

The Volunteer Tracker by the App-Garden is an excellent way to manage your volunteers and to track volunteer hours.  The excellent graphical reporting also helps districts recognize their volunteers for their contributions to their schools.