The Benefits Of Field Trips | software for school administrators

School trips can be a valuable part of the curriculum for K-12 students. Whether they visit a zoo, a museum, an historic site, or a local business, these trips can allow students to experience first-hand what they might be studying in the classroom.  School trips also provide an opportunity for students to develop leadership and social skills as they organize and participate in activities with their classmates outside the classroom. Because of the value of these trips, schools typically organize dozens of trips each year. Across an entire school district, several hundred trips could be scheduled during the school year. Field trips can provide valuable learning experiences for students.  They provide real-world experiences and can even improve test scores!  Read this great article that talks about the benefits of field trips
… but they can be costly
Though school trips can be valuable for students, they can also be costly. And given the growing scrutiny of school budgets, administrators need to be fully aware of the expenses related to school trips. Knowing the full costs will allow them to make more informed decisions during their budgeting process and report more accurately to school boards and finance authorities.Understanding the total costs of school trips will also help administrators find ways to reduce those expenses. If they better know where money and time is spent, they can better control those costs.


By automating the process of routing, tracking and reporting, school districts can cut the amount of time spent by teachers and administrators. They can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork, the number of phone calls, and the volume of email.

Field trip software can also ensure that all people who should be involved in the process are, in fact, included. For example, food service managers can be automatically notified of school trips and they can adjust their meal plans. Transportation managers can know, well in advance, of the precise requirements for buses and drivers.

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