Organizing Your Volunteer Program Can Bring New Life To Your District | software for school administrators

Bring New Life To Your District with the Volunteer Tracker!

Teachers, school administrators, coaches, school boards and parents know that volunteers can bring new life and value to schools and to the learning experience of students. Volunteers can assist teachers in the classroom, help coaches with athletic activities, and chaperone extra-curricular events, such as field trips or school dances. Volunteers can also act as mentors to students, providing guidance and a perspective on life beyond the classroom.

Anyone that works in the school system knows there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  With the budget cuts schools face today, the problem only gets worse.   Most teachers could really use a teacher’s assistant, but rarely do they have one.  They have to do all the classwork, grading papers, organize field trips, and on and on and on.  The work never ends….

Volunteers can help fill this gap.  But even this creates a lot of work organizing this huge effort.  Unless, it is done in a very organized manner and with the correct tools.

So, how do you attract volunteers in the first place?  How do you keep them excited about volunteering and coming back?  How do you make the best use of the volunteers that are really strong in some areas and want to help, but don’t necessarily want to flip burgers at the football game?

Some coordinators have tried to use a spreadsheet to organize the volunteers.  This works ok, if you have a very small number of volunteers.  But, what if you have thousands of potential volunteers that are willing to do certain tasks at different locations?  Now, it gets really complicated and we haven’t even touched on background checks and levels of security at each school.

And speaking of background checks, did we check the same person twice or maybe three times at three different schools?  It’s easy to do if a parent has two or three kids at different schools and it gets very expensive.  And, do all volunteers get a background check, or just the ones working with students?  Maybe someone working in the main office does not need a background check?  All, very good questions!   All are hard to keep track of!
There is a better way!  If you automate the entire system with a cloud based solution that will track volunteer interests, track background checks, notify parents of potential opportunities with ease.

Volunteer Tracker helps teachers and school administrators coordinate volunteers in K-12 schools, helping to get the most value from these additional resources. Volunteer Tracker automatically coordinates school volunteers and matches volunteers’ skills and interests to the needs of teachers.

Unlike manual processes, Volunteer Tracker eliminates the need for teachers and school administrators to use paper forms and spreadsheets to manage volunteers. Reports are generated quickly and all information is collected, updated, and retrieved automatically. The result: less paperwork, more effective use of volunteers, and more productive use of teachers’ and administrators’ time. Volunteer Tracker is part of the app-garden suite of solutions developed by Cook Consulting. With more than 25 years of experience serving more than
100 school districts, Cook Consulting understands the specific needs of K-12 school administrators. Our solutions are easy to use and are supported by experienced experts.