Higher Expectations For Teachers, But What About Substitutes? | software for school administrators

Increase Expectations For Your Substitutes with Our Virtual Substitute Teacher Training Program!

Today’s classrooms look vastly different from some we may remember. Expectations for students are only getting higher and that can’t even compare to those set for the teachers. Budget cuts are taking assistants out of the classroom and more is placed in the teacher’s lap than ever before. So what does that mean for substitutes? If we are holding our teachers to higher standards, shouldn’t we also expect our substitutes to be well equipped to maintain the classroom while teachers are out? Most districts would say yes, but aside from only hiring those with teaching licenses, it can be a difficult to task to find those with the knowledge needed.

That’s where Effective Substitute Training by app-garden comes in. A version of Effective Teacher Training, but geared specifically towards things Substitutes need to know. Effective Substitute Training is an online, self-paced course that covers topics from age appropriateness to tips and tools to maintaining a classroom. All things an experienced teacher would know, but a willing substitute may not have any experience with. The best part? It doesn’t cost your district anything.

The App-Garden University provides online training for substitute teachers that can be customized for your district. Training substitute teachers online saves your district time and ensures compliance for your district.

Visit www.app-garden.com/virtual-sub-training to learn more.