Even Smaller Districts Benefit From A Cloud Based Field Trip Software | software for school administrators

We hear many times that a district thinks they are too small to benefit from an automated field trip solution.  Our experience, however, has been that even small districts find the Travel Tracker to be a great fit.  Smaller districts also have fewer transportation department personnel – relative to a larger district.  So the same struggles still apply with trying to manage the number of trips, buses and drivers that need to be coordinated in the process.  There are still issues with late trip requests or trip requests that don’t have complete information or are illegible.  There are also still issues with a paper form that may sit unnoticed on someone’s desk waiting for approval.  The challenge for a smaller district is the affordability of a solution.   The Travel Tracker is cloud based which means that the App-Garden manages the system and supports it.  The pricing is tiered to allow even the smallest of districts to be able to afford the system.   The users simply log on from any internet connected device.  This eliminates the uncertainty of having to manage servers or the technology involved for a smaller district with relatively limited technology resources.

Watch this short video from Lebanon Special School District in Tennessee talk about how the Travel Tracker has simplified their operations.  They have 3700 students and had a paper process prior to the Travel Tracker:
Visit  The App-Garden for more information on the Travel Tracker. The Travel Tracker provides field trip software for hundreds of school district across the country and is the premier field trip solution for schools.  Make field trip  management easier with the Travel Tracker.